Daily Devotional (9-15-20)

Daily Devotional (9-15-20)

This is the Day…Tuesday
September 15, 2020


Good  Fences


As a child, the backyard of our house in Gastonia seemed to go on for miles. At times it was a regulation size football field where the neighborhood would gather for the Super Bowl. On other occasions it was a major league baseball field where I would play in game seven of the World Series. As an adult I gained a more realistic perspective of the size of the yard and clearly it was not Fenway Park as I had imagined, but we did have some amazing sporting events in that backyard. One of those events was our great Wiffleball games.

Just in case you are not familiar, a wiffleball is a plastic ball, about the size of a baseball, but with holes in it. As the ball travels through the air it makes a humming or “wiffle” sound. But as a result, the ball typically does not travel extremely far when hit with the plastic bat.

During one of our neighborhood major league Wiffleball games I was playing in the outfield near the side fence of our yard. The new neighbors had just installed one of those chain-linked fences with the sharp wire spikes on top. Even though it was shorter than the old fence I was not worried. One rarely sees a homerun in Wiffleball.

Unfortunately, my day in the outfield did not go well. A booming homerun was hit over the spike fence into the neighbor’s backyard. I was reluctant to climb the neighbor’s new fence but, as the outfielder, it was my responsibility to retrieve the ball. I quickly and carefully scaled the fence and as I bent over to pick up the wiffleball, I heard a terrifying noise. I had known that the new neighbors had a puppy. But I never dreamed that they were Cujo’s parents! A large, angry dog with big teeth and a nasty attitude was running toward me.

In a panic I grabbed the ball and attempted to scale the chain-linked fence. However, one of the spikes on the fence hooked into the back pocket of my jeans and basically tore the seat out of my pants. In the end, I retrieved our ball, saved the game, avoided the wrath of Cujo, and gave everyone a good laugh as I walked to the house with my backside waving in the breeze.

What lesson can be learned from this? Thank God for good fences! “Lead us not into temptation but protect us from the evil one.” (Matthew 6:13) There is a hedge around you that God has established. You are loved in a way that you could never understand. It is a love that is deeper than the love you feel for your own children or grandchildren. You are protected from the Cujo’s of this world by a good fence.

On this day God has given you stay on your side of the fence. Guard your steps and avoid climbing those fences that may take you out of His will. Give thanks for God’s good fence.