Daily Devotional (8-3-20)

Daily Devotional (8-3-20)

This is the Day…Monday
August 3, 2020




I grew up on Dogwood Drive in Gastonia. My street was not in a “subdivision” as the word is used today. But it was a nice neighborhood filled with small, cookie cutter houses on nice sized lots. While we were three or four miles from downtown proper, we were certainly considered to be a city neighborhood.

Dogwood Drive was a street filled with families where everyone knew each other very well. The neighbor’s children often came to our house and would even stay for dinner. But we did the same at their house. All the moms and dads knew each other and there was a confidence that the parents would treat all the children as their own.

Almost every family had at least one family pet. Mostly dogs and cats, but there were some gerbils, birds, and goldfish also. The family across the street had a monkey for a short time. His name was Roscoe. I did not like Roscoe very much. He tended to bite and was known to throw inappropriate substances at me.

Most of the pets were very friendly. I liked the collie up the street named Smokey and the huge tabby cat at the end of the road named Sassy. All these friendly pets certainly made me an animal lover and made life in the neighborhood exciting. But that excitement reached its peak one summer afternoon.

I was playing baseball with a group of the neighborhood children in an open field, two houses up from my house. There was another group of kids shooting basketball on the neighbor’s goal across the street. As we were playing, we suddenly heard several children begin to yell from the top of their lungs, “Pig! Pig! Pig!”

The ball games quickly ended, and everyone began running toward the yelling. Then I saw a sight in our city neighborhood that I never would have expected to see. There was a small, potbellied pig running frantically down the street, darting from one side to the other. Mr. Gunter, one of the dads at the end of the road, was trying to corral the pig but thirty excited children were also tailing the pig with every step. That poor little frightened pig was hauling the bacon, dodging, and darting all over the road.

The excitement ended when “Arnold” got tired and gave in to the mob. Our amazing new friend went home with Mr. Gunter’s son who was “pig sitting.” For years we talked about the day the pig escaped on Dogwood Drive.

You may not experience a farm animal running down your street today, but each day should be filled with excitement. “This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!” Psalm 118:24 This is the Day…and God made it for you! What could be more exciting? Live it without fear. Live it filled with anticipation. You never know what excitement God has in store for you today.