Daily Devotional (5-25-2020)

Daily Devotional (5-25-2020)

This is the Day…Monday
May 25, 2020

Do not Forget


Today is the fourth Monday in May. We call it Memorial Day. The Memorial Day holiday was borne out of a desire to decorate the graves of the military men and women who had died fighting for their country. In its earliest form, it was called Decoration Day. No one is quite sure when the practice began, but the first official observance of Decoration Day occurred at Arlington National Cemetery three years after the Civil War ended.

In the early spring, when the flowers had begun to bloom, citizens were urged to choose the most beautiful ones to adorn the graves of those great heroes. In 1868, Major General John Logan declared that May 30th would be the day to honor the fallen. In 1971, Congress declared that the day would be called Memorial Day and that it would be a national holiday on the fourth Monday of May each year.

Many were not pleased with always having Memorial Day on a Monday for fear it would turn into just another long holiday weekend. People would focus on beach trips and cookouts instead of honoring the fallen. And their fears have been realized.

But today is not just another holiday. Today is not just another day off from work. Today is the day we remember the thousands of men and women who have given their lives for our freedom. And the numbers are staggering. Just since the Civil War:

620,000 In the Civil War; 116,516 in World War I; 405,399 in World War II; 36,574 in the Korean War; 58,209 in the Vietnam War; 382 in the Persian Gulf War; Nearly 7,000 in the War on Terror. Not including the wounded and disabled.

Do not forget, these were husbands and wives, sons and daughters, mothers, and fathers. They gave their lives for our freedom.

The best way to truly honor them is to live in the freedom they provided. Every time you worship without fear of retribution, you are living free. Every time you earn a paycheck to feed your family, you are living free. Every time you fearlessly state your opinion, you are living free.

And while you are honoring those heroes who have purchased your freedom, do not forget the one who purchased your Spiritual freedom.

“You were bought with a price. Therefore, honor God with your bodies.” 1 Corinthians 6:20