Daily Devotional (5-19-20)

Daily Devotional (5-19-20)

This is the Day…Tuesday
May 19, 2020


Balanced Diet?


Kevin was a good friend of mine from Burns Tennessee. He was just a good old country boy. Kevin had a nice wife. One daughter. A little house on some property in the country. And a good paying job at a machine shop near his home. Kevin lived a low-key, relaxed lifestyle.

One characteristic I noticed about Kevin was that he was rather particular about his daily routine and diet. He followed the same routine and schedule every single day. Up at 6 am. Breakfast at the local McDonald’s on the way to work. At work by 7 am. Lunch at noon. Off work at 3 pm. Then straight home to work around the house. You get the picture. You could set your watch by Kevin’s life. Maybe the standardization of his life is what made it so relaxed for him? There were never any surprises.

What was most unique about Kevin was his daily lunch menu. Everyday Kevin ate a Snicker candy bar and a diet Coke for lunch! Now, Kevin was about six-one and could not have weighed more than 150 pounds. So, he could afford to eat whatever he wanted. But a Snicker bar and a diet Coke?

I once asked Kevin why he chose that for lunch each day. His reply was, “That it is my balanced diet. They cancel themselves out.” While I understood his point, I am not so sure that is the kind of balanced nutrition that one’s body really needs. But there is a valuable lesson to be learned from Kevin’s diet.

Our lives are filled with the need to find balance. Not just within our diet but, balance in every area of our lives. We strive to balance our work life with our time at home with our family. We strive to balance our financial life. We strive to balance our physical diet so that we can live a healthy, long life. But we should also strive to balance our spiritual life so that we may continue to grow in our relationship with God. The key to a life of peace and happiness is finding that balance in every aspect of life. But it must begin with your spiritual well-being.

Are you feeling unsteady today? Are you having a problem with your equilibrium? Maybe that Snicker bar and diet Coke spiritual diet is the problem. Striving to offset the bad things with better things is not the answer. Philippians 4:8 tells us, “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things.”

Balance is about focusing on the things that are healthy for you. What could be more important than your relationship with your Lord? Without him you will stagger through life, constantly seeking to compensate for the imbalance. On this day God has given you, watch your diet. Avoid the spiritual Snicker bars. And see how much better you feel.