Daily Devotional (5-11-21)

Daily Devotional (5-11-21)

This is the Day…Tuesday
May 11, 2021


There are Angels Among Us


“There the angel of the Lord appeared to Moses in flames of fire from within a bush.”

(Exodus 3:2a)


As a young boy, I was not allowed to go into the woods by myself until I was a responsible and mature third grader. By that time, I had spent many hours in those woods with my brothers watching out for me to make sure I did not stumble upon a snake or get caught in a briar patch. But I still remember the Saturday morning that my Mom told me I was allowed to go play in the woods, alone! I was so excited to do my own exploring, without the need to stick close to a chaperone.

After lunch that Saturday, I made my way down to the woods in our backyard and began walking down the trails. It was different being in those woods alone. The familiarity that I was used to suddenly became new and foreign. It was as though I was travelling those trails for the very first time. As I walked, the tree canopy seemed to be very thick above my head and the woods grew darker and darker. But I was determined to keep going. I was finally getting the opportunity to do my own exploring and I was not going to chicken out.

After walking the trails for about fifteen minutes, I noticed that the wind had begun to blow harder. Through the trees I could see that the skies were filling with dark clouds. The last thing I wanted was to be in the woods during a storm, so I turned around to head back home. As I was walking back, I realized that there were many forks in the trail that I had not noticed. I tried to remember which trail was the main trail and kept taking one fork left and another fork right. The wind was blowing even harder now, and I was beginning to hear thunder off in the distance.

I frantically walked faster and faster, trying to find my way back home. Every trail I took seemed to be leading me in the wrong direction. I was completely lost. I sat down on the stump of an old tree, my heart racing in the panic of the moment. Then I heard an odd sound. It was not thunder. It was not the wind through the trees. It was a sound one would not expect to hear, lost in the woods. It was a distant whistle. I was sure it was not from a bird because they do not know popular tunes. Then I stepped back on to the trail and there was a man, standing in the distance. At first, I did not recognize him as he motioned for me to follow him. He turned and began walking away, continuing to whistle. As I followed him home, I realized it was my Dad. My angel had come for me.

Not every angel has wings and a halo. They come to us as strangers and as friends. They even come in bushes that are burning. They are God’s representatives, guiding us when we are hopelessly lost. They lead us as we are searching for the trail that takes us back home. They are found in a kind word and a friendly gesture. They are found in a gentle reminder that we are never truly alone. And sometimes the flutter of angel’s wings can even sound like a gentle, distant whistle.