Daily Devotional (5-10-21)

Daily Devotional (5-10-21)

This is the Day…Monday
May 10, 2021




“In the beginning…God” (Genesis 1:1)


It is a verse which we have all read hundreds of times. Every time we pick up the Bible with the intentions of reading it through, we read these verses. Even when we lose our motivation after just a few chapters, we have already read them. Maybe that was God’s plan from the start because few verses in the Bible say more than this one. In the beginning…God.

Life is full of beginnings. Some beginnings are exciting, like beginning a new job, beginning a new school year, beginning your life with your spouse. Some beginnings can be treacherous and worrisome. Beginning treatments for your illness, beginning life after a loss. Whether good or difficult, they are still beginnings and God made sure that we would always remember that in every beginning, God is there.

Beginnings actually litter the road that we travel in life. They are the turning points and force us to reevaluate our situation and determine our next step. Beginnings are opportunities to take life in a new direction and enter a new chapter in life. Beginnings may not always feel good, but they are always good for us. Sometimes travelling down the same road for too long can cause us to become complacent and comfortable. Beginnings take us away from our comfort zone and force us to be more reliant on the one who has always been there from the beginning.

Maybe the best way to live life is to see each day as a new beginning. The mistakes of yesterday are gone, never to be changed. The future is found in each new step that you take today. This day which God has given you is another new beginning. Are you going to live it just like yesterday? Are you going to spend today worrying needlessly? Are you going to repeat the same mistakes, waste the same amount of time, squander the opportunity to make today different? Or are you going to strive to take advantage of this beginning.

Remember what God did in the beginning? He created. He created good things. Things that were filled with beauty and potential. He created hope and opportunity. He created a place where He could reside with His creation in the cool of the day. He created long talks on the back porch with the warm breeze blowing as the sun sets. He created children laughing and long hugs. He created hand holding and understanding. He created the sound of rain on the roof at night as you snuggle under a warm blanket. Every moment has been created. Every moment begins an opportunity to experience Him.

Whatever each moment of this day brings, do not fear because, in the beginning…God.