Daily Devotional (3-24-20)

Daily Devotional (3-24-20)

This is the Day…Tuesday
March 24, 2020

Just Too Expensive


Like most teenagers, when my oldest brother turned sixteen, the most important thing on his mind, besides girls, was getting a car. He had his eye on something sporty, bright right red and with lots of power. Something he could drive up and down Franklin Boulevard in Gastonia, impressing all his friends, and the girls of course.


But there were some problems with my brother’s plan. First, he had Ruth-Chris taste on a McDonalds budget. He was as broke as a rented mule and had limited options for income on the horizon. The second problem was that he needed my Dad to be the banker. Now I would not characterize my Dad as being “tight” with his money. But he was smart about money. He didn’t believe in buying anything on credit and he was not about to over-pay for anything. After a few months of car shopping, my brother finally got the message.


One Saturday afternoon, my brother and Dad went to look at a used car that my brother’s friend was selling. It was a 1962 VW Beetle. I won’t say the car was ugly, but my Dad’s first question when he saw the car was, “Did anyone die in the fire?” To say it was a used vehicle would be an understatement.


My brother’s friend wanted $800 for what was left of this car. My Dad immediately looked at my brother and said, “It’s just too expensive.” To my Dad, the car was not worth the price and effort it would require. It needed paint, engine work, tires and new seats. Plus, the floor on the driver’s side was nearly rusted out.


All my Dad could see was the results of a life of abuse that this car had endured. It had been neglected for many years and was not worth saving. But my brother saw the potential. He saw what this car could be over time. With a little work, the damage of its former life could be overcome. And it could be a useful, dependable car for him to drive.


Do you ever feel like that old VW Beetle? Life can have a way of beating us up emotionally and spiritually. We get a dent here, a scratch there. And then the rust begins to set in. We can begin to doubt our value. We can convince ourselves that we have incurred too much damage and allowed too much abuse. Certainly, we would be too expensive to salvage.


But God said, “Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.” Matthew 10:31



And God also said, “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this; While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8


You are God’s special treasured possession. God sees past the dents, scratches and rust. God knows the power of his unconditional love to pull out dents, heal scratches and chip away at the rusty spots. It was a very expensive price to pay, but you are worth saving to God.


On this special day God has given you, remember that your worth is not in your relationship status or your job or the size of your bank account. You value is not diminished by the results of your past. Your value is found in Christ and Christ alone. He is the one who was willing to pay the price for you. He is the one who saw the potential of who you can be, with unconditional love and forgiveness.


Father, thank you that you can see past my faults, insecurities and a lifetime of dents and scratches. Make me into the vessel you need me to be to serve you with my life. Help me to remember today, that I am a child of the Father.