Daily Devotional (3-1-21)

Daily Devotional (3-1-21)

This is the Day…Monday
March 1, 2021


Look Up!


I grew up on Dogwood Drive in Gastonia. It was a short, two lane street which curved in front of our house. We were tucked within a small cluster of homes so, typically the only traffic on Dogwood Drive was from those who lived in the neighborhood. All the neighbors knew that there were about a million kids living in the area so, most people drove slowly and cautiously. Usually there was a cluster of children either crossing the street or near the street all the time.

It seems like I was always the first one outside early in the morning on summer days. Often, when I would go out to play, none of my other friends were even out of the bed yet! This was concerning to Mom and Dad because it meant I might be crossing the street alone. So, Mom taught me the rules of the road. Stop, Listen, Look left, Look right, Then Go. They were great rules to keep me safe, although I rarely encountered an oncoming car.

One morning, I was heading down to my friend’s house and I had to cross the street to get there. I followed the rules to a tee. I stopped. I listened. I looked left. I looked right. Then, just as I was about to step out into the street, there was a loud “splat” on the top of my head that ran down my forehead and on my face! I looked up and realized a bird was perched on the powerline, directly above me. That bird had bombed me! A direct hit!

I went back home to show Mom the damage and she could not stop laughing. She said, “I guess you forgot to look up!”

Those words still ring true in my life, even today. It is easy to become very preoccupied with looking left and right. We seek answers to life all around us. We seek meaning and purpose in possessions. We seek comfort as we listen to those around us. We seek peace in things of this world which are here today and gone tomorrow.

The Psalmist tells us, “But my eyes are toward you, O GOD, my Lord; in you I seek refuge; leave me not defenseless!” (Psalm 141:8) It is wise to stop, listen and look around each day of your life. But do not look for the answers in the things of this world. The real answers to life’s peace and purpose are not found to our left or our right. When we seek God, He becomes our refuge and strength.

There was another occasion when my Mom looked up. The night I lost her to cancer, just before I left her bedside, she had me sit beside her as she said the same prayer she had taught me as a child. “Now I lay me, down to sleep…” After the prayer, she told me, “We are going to be okay Christopher.” And then, she just looked up. On this day God has given you, as you seek comfort, purpose, protection, and peace, do not forget to look up!