Daily Devotional (10-26-20)

Daily Devotional (10-26-20)

This is the Day…Monday
October 26, 2020


Three Wheeling!


When my oldest brother was in his late teenage years, he purchased an MG sports car. An MG is a small, British 2-seater sports car with a convertible top. His MG was a late 1960s model and a cute little car. However, MGs are known for their mechanical problems. On average his car spent one week out of every month in the shop being repaired. Typically, the issues were simple for a qualified repairman. However, my brother’s worst mechanical failure was the result of his own “do-it-yourself” repair work.

One Saturday morning, my brother took a notion to rotate the tires on his MG. One of the front tires was making a noise so he moved it to the rear of the car. Later that day, he was travelling from Gastonia to Charlotte on Interstate 85. The story my brother tells is that he was crossing the Catawba River bridge on I-85. As he was driving, he noticed that the back-left side of the vehicle began to shake erratically. My brother began to slow down, thinking that something was wrong with the tire he had moved to the rear of the car. Suddenly, the back-left side of his car dropped to the road. As he began to slow down, he noticed out his driver’s side window that a tire was rolling past his car down the middle of the highway! At first, he thought it was odd to see a tire rolling down the road. Then he realized, it was his back tire!

For years, my Dad would tell a hilarious story regarding his response when my brother called for help. “Your tire did what? It passed you on the bridge?”

My Dad taught my brother some very important rules about automobile maintenance that day. Rule # 1: Automobiles require four wheels to operate properly. Rule # 2: Wheels will not stay attached to automobiles if the lug nuts are not installed!

Just as an automobile needs all four tires attached to run safely, we need to make sure we have some important truths securely attached to our lives. Truth is not an opinion. Truth is not something made up to justify one’s lifestyle. Our lives do not determine the truth. The truth determines and guides our lives. Jesus is the truth. God’s Word is the truth.

The truth is that you are loved today far more than you could ever hope for or imagine.

The truth is that the Holy Spirit is an ever-present help and is with you today and every day.

The truth is that you have been created for a special purpose and each day you are given an opportunity to fulfill that purpose.

“You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” (John 8:32)

My brother found his runaway tire and a qualified repairman properly attached it to the automobile so my brother could travel safely and with confidence. Freedom comes from the truth that Jesus attaches to our lives. Make this a day that you live in the truth.