Daily Devotional (9-17-20)

Daily Devotional (9-17-20)

This is the Day…Thursday
September 17, 2020


Oh Pooey!


Remember that day you were trying to hang a picture in your home? You found an appropriate nail and an available hammer. You held the nail between your thumb and index finger at the perfect spot on the wall. You took the hammer in your other hand and took a good firm swing at the nail. But unfortunately, it was a “swing and a miss!” Then there was a thud as the hammer struck your thumb.

The next sound was your response to the pain. While it is possible that you shouted, “Thank you Jesus,” there is also a chance you uttered some other term. Maybe even a four-letter word! No, I am not referring to “work” or “frog” or even “ouch”. Sometimes a misguided hammer or stress or fear can cause us to utter words or phrases that are certainly not complimentary. Many of these words contain even more than four letters!

One method for avoiding such mishaps is to consider using euphemisms. A euphemism is an alternate word or expression which is substituted for one which would be considered vulgar or inappropriate. My Presbyterian church attending Mom had her own set of euphemisms. One of Mom’s favorite euphemisms was “Shozbot!” Remember that Orkin expression from an early 1980s sitcom? But Mom’s most frequently used euphemism was “Pooey”. I always knew that if Mom used the word Pooey, she meant business.

When Mom was in the hospital, just a few days before she died, she wanted to get back to her home as soon as possible. But the doctor came in and told her that she could not go home for a few days because of her condition. In response, she pointed her finger directly at the doctor’s face and said, “Oh, Pooey!” That phrase was equal to receiving a full-blown cussing from my Mom.

There is another four-letter word that would be much more effective during our times of pain, worry or fear. The four-letter word I am referring to is “Pray”. Although uttering harsh or inappropriate words or even a popular euphemism during bad times may help one temporarily feel better, a more effective method for dealing with the struggles of life would be to simply have a conversation with God. Just pray.

“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”  (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18) It is hard to be thankful when your thumb hurts, or when you receive that troubling diagnosis, or you lose someone special. Sometimes we want to just lash out at life and even God. But on this day God has given you, strive to use a four-letter word that will calm your spirit and help you keep life in perspective. P-R-A-Y