Daily Devotional (7-31-20)

Daily Devotional (7-31-20)

This is the Day…Friday
July 31, 2020


Prayer Miles


Many years ago, there was a lady who attended my church who everyone called “Pertsy”. When I was first introduced to her, I remember thinking her name was rather odd. I cannot remember her given name because I always called her, Ms. Pertsy. But it did not take me long to realize why everyone called her by that name.

Ms. Pertsy was ninety-eight years old when I met her, at least chronologically. The years had clearly taken a toll on her small framed body. She was about five feet tall and slightly hunched over. She was blind in her left eye due to a previous ailment in years past. She was unable to fully use her right arm because of a minor stoke within the last year. Her knees were always swollen from the years of caring for her family. And she had lived through the loss of a husband and a child in years past.

But it was Ms. Pertsy’s attitude that got my attention. The years may have ravished her body, but they had not touched her spirit. I have never met someone with so much energy and excitement about living every day. Now I understood why everyone called her Pertsy.

On her ninety-ninth birthday, I paid Ms. Pertsy a visit. She shared many more stories about the years past and the seasons of her life. It was then that I first mentioned her 100th Birthday party. Ms. Pertsy was going to be a centenarian in just one year! While she did not seem overly excited about the prospects of such a party, we agreed that since there would be cake present, we would look forward to that day.

On October 17th of the following year, Ms. Pertsy was 100 years old. All her family and friends came out for a huge party in our church fellowship hall. There were balloons, gifts, and plenty of cake for everyone. During the party, everyone was asking Ms. Pertsy questions about her life and waiting to hear her unique perspective after 100 years.

I simply asked her, “Ms. Pertsy, I am sure it is not easy to live for 100 years, but I want to know how you kept life from beating you up spiritually? How do you keep such a spirit of hope through all the pains and loss life can bring? In response, all Ms. Pertsy did was reach down and grab her swollen knees. Then she looked up at me and said, “Prayer Miles!”

This is the 100th devotion that you have received from me since we began on March 16th. My prayer is that they play some small part in giving you a spirit of hope that will carry you throughout each day and maybe even inspire you to spend some time on your knees. Sometimes the miles are tough on us. But Ms. Pertsy knew the secret. It is the prayer miles that get us through. “Pray without ceasing.” 1 Thessalonians 5:17