Daily Devotional (7-29-20)

Daily Devotional (7-29-20)

This is the Day…Wednesday
July 29, 2020




One of the first lessons everyone must learn before driving a motor vehicle is how to properly read the signs which are posted along the roadways. Those of us who have been driving for many years have become desensitized to them and often obey them without even noticing they are there.

But following the signs is particularly important to our safety and the safety of those who are on the road with us. Most of us are guilty of bending the rules of the signs at times. When the speed limit says 65 mph, but we set our cruise control at 70 mph. Or the intersection, which is clearly marked with a Stop sign, but we roll through because it is obvious that no one else is around us. It is not that we are trying to be disobedient or unsafe. We have just learned what we can get away with, right?

And then there are those intersections which seem to confuse everyone. Even though the signs are clearly marked and give specific instructions, they are not helpful if we do not pay attention to them. One such intersection is found at Alamance Crossing near Elon. This wonderful shopping center has one main entrance and one exit. As one enters the parking area, there is an immediate intersection. There are roads from three different directions which are marked with a stop sign. However, drivers entering the parking lot are never required to stop. So, travelling through this intersection is sort of like being in a duck shoot at the carnival.

The cars can travel left and right with no worries, as long as there is not a car shooting like a bullet into the lot with nothing to stop it. Even with clearly marked signs, occasionally, someone will forget that the bullet cars coming into the lot do not stop and the results are metal bending. Signs are only as good as those who follow them. I have never seen a sign jump in front of a vehicle to stop it or wave its arms to get a vehicle to slow down.

Now, this devotion could be about signs of the second coming of Christ or signs of God’s judgment upon a fallen world. But since I cannot control the time or day those events will occur; I prefer to focus on a different type of signs. I like to watch for signs of God’s presence. Signs of God’s promises being fulfilled each day. Signs that God is going before us to make our way straight and safe. Signs that God will do all the things that God says He will do. Signs of His presence.

“And God said, let there be lights in the vault of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark sacred times, and days and years.”  Genesis 1:14 Since the beginning of time, in all of God’s creation, there have been signs of His presence. Signs which mark our days and give meaning to life. On this day which God has given you, do not allow yourself to be desensitized to the signs. They are there to keep you safe, send you in the correct direction, and give you peace. The signs will allow you to experience God, Today.