Daily Devotional (7-2-20)

Daily Devotional (7-2-20)

This is the Day…Thursday
July 2, 2020




Sharing our worship services via Facebook has been a new and interesting experience for me. It took me a bit to get used to speaking into an iPhone or to a camera in the Sanctuary balcony and I will always miss seeing your smiling faces in the pews and hearing you laugh at my dumb jokes. But I have learned some things from this experience. Mostly I have learned something about you.

Someone mentioned to me last Sunday after our worship service that I should go back and look at all the comments that are shared on Facebook by those watching. Obviously, I cannot see your comments in real time. So, I took some time this week to read some of the comments that have been made during our worship services. Comments about the flowers. Comments about the beautiful music. Comments about the words that are shared.

I have always believed that people will share thoughts on a text message, email, or in a comment line that they would not necessarily say out loud. It is as though we feel insulated by the lack of human contact and more comfortable sharing the true feelings in our heart. One of the negative aspects of this fact is that at times one can share mean and harsh comments about someone that can be hurtful. Comments that they would never be bold enough to say directly to someone.

But on the positive side, this feeling of insulation can give one the opportunity and freedom to share their joy, inspiration, and thankfulness. Looking back at the comments during our times of worship has allowed me to see into the heart of the people who are participating in worship with me. Individuals who might never be so bold as to say “Amen” during worship are sharing their feelings through these comments on Facebook.

Sometimes our guarded exterior and apprehensiveness can hide the true joy in our heart. Worship is a time of participating together in praising God and giving him all the glory. I am so glad to see the voices of your heart, praising our Father in worship. And even though I cannot physically hear your praise, the One who matters can. Your voice of praise perfectly blends with the singing of all the angels in their continuous chorus of praise.

“Day and night, they never stop saying: ‘Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come.” Revelation 4:8b

Thank you for worshiping with me. It is always an honor to know that you are there. It is a joy to worship with you. And always remember that your comments, though not spoken, are words of praise and affirmation to our Lord who is worthy. Amen…So be it…