Daily Devotional (6-16-21)

Daily Devotional (6-16-21)

This is the Day…Wednesday
June 16, 2021


Ancient of Days


“As I looked, thrones were set in place, and the Ancient of Days took His seat. His clothing was as white as snow; the hair of His head was white like wool. His throne was flaming with fire, and its wheels were all ablaze. A river of fire was flowing, coming out from before Him. Thousands upon thousands attended Him; ten thousand times ten thousand stood before Him. The court was seated, and the books were opened.” (Daniel 7:9-10)


Pearl Register was one of the great pillars of the church. She had faithfully served at her church in While Bluff Tennessee for seventy years. She began attending the church as a teenager with her family. Through the years she had served in almost every possible position of leadership. She was church treasurer for fifty years. She led an adult Sunday School class for nearly sixty years. She had sung in the choir since the day she joined the church. Pearl was not the cornerstone, but she was surely a key stone in the church’s foundation.

I met Pearl Register for the first time when I was interviewed as the potential new pastor of the White Bluff Church. Pearl served as the chair of the Pulpit Committee and took her job very seriously. I was a young pastor and a recent graduate from seminary. For me, standing before Pearl and the other six members of her committee was one of the most frightening things I have ever done.

As I walked into the room for the interview, the committee was seated at tables arranged in a semi-circle around me. And then Pearl walked in. Her hair was as white as snow. She was impeccably dressed and gave the impression that she might have a beautiful smile, although she was not willing to reveal it. She appeared as one who had been in this position since before time began and was completely in charge. Pearl had served in the church longer than I or most of the committee had been alive. She may have been ancient, but when she spoke, it was not a frail, timid voice. It was a voice that commanded respect. All the other committee members were constantly looking to her for guidance and opinion. Pearl had earned that respect.

The prophet Daniel refers to God as the Ancient of Days. The one who existed even before time began. The one surrounded by thousands who look to Him for guidance, opinion, and judgment. The one who is honored and respected. The one whose holiness is revealed by the purity around Him and the fire flowing before Him. The one who demands holiness is holy and worthy of worship by ten thousand times ten thousand. How easy it is for us to forget that our God is the Ancient of Days. The one who has always been. The one who expects more than a once weekly observance of Him. On this day God has given you, as you stand before Him, live in respectful submission to His sovereignty and glory. He is the Ancient of Days. He has earned that respect.

After spending two hours before Pearl and the committee, they were satisfied with my credentials and abilities. And, just as I had suspected, I saw the beautiful smile that I knew was always there. Pearl revealed that behind her demand for respect, there was great compassion and love. Sort of like our Ancient of Days.