Daily Devotional (3-3-21)

Daily Devotional (3-3-21)

This is the Day…Wednesday
March 3, 2021


Call Me!


If you have read my devotions over the past year, you are aware that I grew up with three older brothers. We all lived in a modest, two-bedroom house in Gastonia. Although we all came from the same parents, we were all quite unique, with our own distinctive personalities. My oldest brother and I were the independent ones. Mom always said that she could drop us off in China and we would find our way home. The two middle brothers were more reserved and less likely to “get into trouble.”

We all looked quite different also. I was built like my Dad and my Paw Paw’s side of the family. You know the look. Stocky with very short legs. Sort of built like a fire hydrant. Two of my brothers looked like my Mom’s people. Not very tall but with a slim build. Even with all our uniqueness as brothers, some days it seemed like Mom could not tell us apart.

One Saturday afternoon, the whole family was piled up in the den, watching the ACC basketball game between UNC and NC State. My family was always die-hard Carolina fans and we never missed a Saturday afternoon match-up. During one of the time-outs of the game, I went into the kitchen to make myself a “tasty beverage”. You know, Sun Drop on ice? Mom always bought the 2-liter drinks because they were cheaper. However, they would not fit into the refrigerator, so they were warm sitting on the cabinet top.

When I took the new bottle to open the cap, suddenly there was a loud hissing sound and the bottle exploded with all the contents flying out of the top of the bottle and all over the kitchen cabinets and floor. I heard my Mom immediately respond to the incident by “calling the roll.” “David! I mean, Johnny! Oh, Gary! Aww, Chris!!!” By the time she got to my name, the clean up was already well underway. Then, in my typical smart aleck fashion, I went over to my Mom and introduced myself as her fourth son. Years later, we still laughed when we recalled that messy event. But I always made sure to tell my Mom that I really did not care what she called me. All that mattered to me was that she called.

Recently, I visited with my grandson, Eli who lives near Charlotte. The first words from his mouth when he saw me was “Paw Paw!” I do not care what he calls me either…so long as he calls.

It is a good feeling when someone you love knows you well enough to call your name. Being known by someone you love is empowering and encouraging. It gives us confidence that they love us also. On this day God has given you, God is calling your name. “Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are mine.” (Isaiah 43:1b) He is calling because He loves you. He is calling because He wants to have a relationship with you. Honestly, He can call me whatever he chooses…so long as He calls.