Daily Devotional (10-23-20)

Daily Devotional (10-23-20)

This is the Day…Friday
October 23, 2020


Thinking Space


I have always loved finding a quiet space and spending time just thinking. Sometimes it is hard to find “thinking space.” For me, it requires finding a place away from the noise of life. No voices expecting something from me. No loud television commercials. No noise reminding me of the day to day “pull and tug” that life can inflict upon us. Just a quiet space where my mind and my heart are given a chance to take a break.

I love those moments because they give me an opportunity to pause with my Father and remember. I get a chance to reengage with those moments in the past that matter. They must matter or I would not remember them. Some of those moments are filled with joy and laughter and they bring a smile to my face even now. Some moments are not so kind and can cause my heart to relive a painful time. But they are all memories that are the building blocks of my life. It is amazing how many memories can accumulate over sixty years.

That is why writing daily devotions is such a joy to me. It gives me the chance or even an excuse to find a quiet space and remember. Those memories may be in the past, but they always help me to put the present into perspective.

Our Lord also spent a lot of time searching for thinking space. “Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where He prayed.” (Mark 1:35)

It was common for Jesus to seek out a place away from the crowds and all the expectations that had been placed upon Him. Jesus even took opportunities to get away from His disciples. He did it to talk with His Father and remember. Jesus used that thinking space to remember the Father who had sent Him. He did this to remember why He was walking the earth in the first place. In His thinking space, Jesus could remember the love of His Father and Jesus’ place at His right hand. Those quiet times with the Father helped Jesus to put His present reality into perspective.

On this day which God has given you, take time to find a thinking space. Disconnect from the noise and confusion that all the voices can cause. Take time to remember the road you have travelled with God. Some of the memories will give you joy, and some will cause you pain. But those memories have value. They give your day meaning and perspective.

Jesus knew the value of thinking spaces. Jesus knew the value of time with God. It is amazing how many memories can accumulate over an eternity.