Daily Devotional (10-22-20)

Daily Devotional (10-22-20)

This is the Day…Thursday
October 22, 2020


Tastes Like Chicken


As my brothers and I grew up through our teenage years, our interests began to become more diverse. One of my brothers became interested in playing football and basketball. Another brother became an Eagle Scout and was very devoted to his schoolwork. I was into camping most weekends, participating in the church youth group, and playing in the marching band.

My second to oldest brother was the only one who took a notion to become a hunter. I am not sure where or how he became interested but, he loved to go out into the woods with some of his older friends and several adults to hunt for big game. While he went deer hunting several times, most of his hunting was for rabbits or squirrels.

One Saturday evening, my brother came home after an all-day hunting trip and he had a bag which contained two dead squirrels. The animals had already been “field dressed” and my brother handed the bag to my Mom stating, “Mom, how about cooking these?” My Mom took one look into the bloody bag and asked, “What were they?” “Squirrel!” my brother replied.

While Mom wanted to be supportive to the son who had brought home food to the family for the first time ever, she was clearly a bit shaken by the prospects of skinning, preparing, and cooking this rodent for dinner. But she never flinched or let on that it was a problem. “I’ll see what I can do.” she said.

I watched Mom as she prepared this wild game for the table. The preparation was messy, but I had faith she could work a miracle. I knew that my Mom made the best fried chicken anyone had ever eaten. So, I was confident she could overcome this main entrée.

When dinner time came, Mom set the platter of meat down on the table. It was not a large platter. There is not much meat on a squirrel. I moved a small portion to my plate. It looked to be breaded and fried, just like Mom’s chicken. It even smelled just like Mom’s chicken. I reluctantly took a bite from a small piece. In my relief I immediately looked up and proclaimed, “It tastes like chicken!”

The truth is that it was not chicken. It was squirrel in disguise. Isn’t it amazing how we can cover up certain aspects of our lives and just pretend? As the prophet Isaiah said, “These people come near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship of me is based on merely human rules they have been taught.” (Isaiah 29:13)

A genuine Christian is a powerful force for the work of the kingdom in this world. It is not enough to just make the squirrel taste like chicken. It is not enough to disguise the darkness in our hearts with meaningless words so that we have the appearance of a faithful follower. Our hearts should reveal the light of God’s presence. Evaluate the spiritual health of your heart and honor God each day by revealing the things of your heart. God is revealed through a genuine heart.