Special Announcements

Special Announcements

Friday, March 13, 2020


Hello Everyone,

We are certainly living in unprecedented times.  I believe the COVID-19 pandemic is something we will never forget.

While this is no time to panic or overreact, it is a time for prudent judgment and taking appropriate steps to ensure everyone’s safety.  Fear can cause poor decisions which may potentially make the situation worse. So our decisions are not made out of fear, but rather, out of love and concern for each other.  Minor inconveniences in the short term will allow us to move forward and overcome for the future.

Given the fact that our church consists of a high percentage of folks who are of retirement age or older and considering that this is the demographic most at risk from the COVID-19 virus, Debbie Farrell (FBCG Deacon Chair), Shannon, and I have decided to institute the following plans:

  1. Beginning this Sunday, March 15th, all activities at the church building are suspended through the end of March.  This Sunday, you will hear a recording of a previous worship service during our regular radio broadcast time.  Beginning Sunday, March 22nd, Shannon, Ann, and I will provide a time of information, music and worship during the 11:00 a.m. hour that will be broadcast on the radio (104.5 FM). You are encouraged to worship in the safety of your own home and continue to be informed regarding announcements and the work of the church by tuning in each Sunday morning.
  2. All Starfish meals will be prepared as “to go” meals.  Teams will be encouraged to make up plates in “to go” containers with plastic ware and hand out the meals at the door.  We want to avoid having individuals gathering in our ministry center as a group.  Starfish team members will be receiving additional information by email regarding these procedures.
  3. All church functions and activities that would require us to gather as a group shall be suspended through the end of March.  These include: all Bible Studies, Saturday Morning Breakfast, Youth and Children’s activities, Chancel Choir rehearsals, Handbell Choir rehearsals and other meetings by teams or organizations within the church.

Be assured that Shannon and I will be working at the church office each day and will be available, as always, if you have a question, need or concern.  Please be sure to care for each other during this time. Check on each other frequently by phone. Share notes of encouragement. Pray for one another daily. If someone is in need, call me or Shannon and we will do all we can to help. Also, feel free to contact your family’s deacon if you have a need.

It is in difficult times like these that we must remember that God is our refuge and strength.  God is an ever-present help in times of trouble. God is the one who makes all things work together for good.  God is…And that’s all we need.


Rev. Chris Howe

Pastor, First Baptist Church Graham

224 N. Main St.

Graham, NC  27253