From Our Church Historian – Cathy Phelps

From Our Church Historian – Cathy Phelps

145th Anniversary of First Baptist Church Graham


History of FBCG



From the time of the Early Church, God has used ordinary people like you and me to do extraordinary things for his glory. According to written records, on Saturday, June 20,1874, Rev. W. T. Farrow, missionary of the Mount Zion Association, along with seven members of the Baptist faith “living in or near the town of Graham,” met in the Alamance courthouse to organize a Baptist Church in Graham. The articles of faith and covenant were adopted, and the church was officially organized and named “The Graham Baptist Church.”

Through their foresight, faith in God, and spiritual inspiration, Graham Baptist Church began with the purchase of a lot for one dollar to John R. Pugh and James A. Graham, trustees of Graham Baptist Church. This purchase by the seven charter members was further blessed by God the next afternoon when the Alamance County Commissioners gifted Graham Baptist Church with a half-acre lot.

A committee was then appointed to “solicit subscriptions for the erection of a house of worship.” In September 1874, the Mount Zion Association accepted Graham Baptist Church as a member of the association and then in March 1875, the church received its first baptized member, Robert A. Noell. Until the building was complete, the small congregation met for worship and held conferences in the “free school house,” Good Templars Hall and in the homes of members.

The Graham Baptist Church’s vision to gather, worship and serve the Lord and its community was finally realized three years later on August 18, 1877. As the membership grew, modifications were made to the structure, and in 1949, the congregation felt it was being led to begin a ten-year journey to replace the original white structure with the present-day brick colonial structure.

As we all know, with growth there will be changes, and in October 11, 1942, the congregation felt led to change its name from Graham Baptist Church to First Baptist Church of Graham in order to re-clarify the church’s identity as being the first church of the Baptist faith in the city of Graham, and also to emphasize their doctrinal and denominational connections to the Baptist faith and to its community.

As we celebrate the 145th Homecoming at First Baptist Church of Graham, let us all thank God for his blessings upon this church and for the ordinary individuals who have throughout the years listened to God’s calling and direction, who have united God-given gifts with others and have used these gifts to create a community of faith where the love of Christ is shown through missions and ministry.

Let us continue the legacy to glorify God in all that we do…