• We’re First Baptist Church of Graham, a moderate Baptist church, conveniently located at 224 N. Main Street in Graham, NC.

    Here at First Baptist Graham, we worship in a style that we like to call Classic Worship. We sing all the traditional hymns with the pipe organ, as well as some of the more contemporary hymns and choruses composed in the last couple of decades. Our Chancel Choir sings mostly contemporary anthems accompanied by the organ or piano.

    Our staff and our laypeople share in leading parts of each service.

    We welcome you to come dressed however you chose – either dresses and coats and ties, or polo shirts, khakis or jeans.

    We have a great staff, headed up by our Associate Pastor, Rev. Shannon Hall.

    Our Sunday services are conducted at 11:00am. The services are broadcast live on radio stations 1200-AM or 104.5FM. We also have a mid-week Prayer Service/Bible Study on Wednesday nights starting at 6:30pm.







  • First Baptist Church Graham has weekly Prayer Service each Wednesday starting at 6:30pm.  After the Prayer Service, we have Bible Study at 6:45pm, conducted by our Associate Pastor, Rev. Shannon Hall.  On some occasions, other ministers in our church and laypersons will conduct the Bible Study. These meetings are held in the Ministry Center, which is located to the left of the main sanctuary in a separate building.  See the slide below.  Come and join us each Wednesday night @ 6:30 in our Ministry Center. Dress casual, as this is a casual meeting with opportunities for participation.







    My favorite season of the year is, without a doubt, summertime. In January, I’m already thinking about how nice it will be to wear flip-flops and shorts, not to have to put on a coat every time I go outside, to enjoy that warm summer breeze once the sun goes down, to spend more time outside, and the list goes on and on in my mind.


    A few weeks ago, as I was taking an evening walk through our neighborhood, I saw the one thing that always signals the certain arrival of summer, and that thing was one lone lightning bug. (I think some may refer to these tiny glowing insects as fireflies, but I’m going to call them lightning bugs forever.) That little lightning bug really was all by herself, blinking her light proudly as I walked by. Of course, over the next few days and weeks, I began to see more and more of them, and they were everywhere! I began to think about the money we spend to decorate outdoor patios and backyards with twinkling strings of lights, and I laughed to think about how God created this one creature to light up the night without a single power cord or light bulb.


    Here’s the thing I want us to remember about the lightning bug in relation to our own faith and witness in the world: Those little lightning bugs are black, and you can walk past about a thousand of them in your backyard at night and never see even one. The only way you will know one is nearby is when it lights up. In the same way, as God’s church dispersed throughout our communities and into the world, we as members of Christ’s body have the opportunity to be in a thousand different situations and with a thousand different people every day. If we choose to remain undercover, no one will even know we’re Christ’s followers. But if we let those powerful little lights of ours shine brightly wherever we may find ourselves, even for just a moment, we will allow the world to see us as bearers of Christ’s love to everyone we meet. A kind word to an already tired bank teller on Friday afternoon, a smiling face and kind demeanor as we order and pick up lunch at the drive-thru window of our favorite fast food place, a helping hand to someone whose hands are full exiting the supermarket, making sure we are fully present and engaged with our family at supper tonight—all of these and so many more keep those little lights of mine and yours shining everyday for the world to see!


    And although sometimes we may be the only one shining in a certain place, there will be other times where the light we provide will give other Christians the encouragement they need to shine too. Then this world will see the joy and power that can come from those Jesus has called to shine the light!

     In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven. Matthew 5:16  (ESV)