From Our Pastor

From Our Pastor


Several years ago, I made my first trip to the local eye doctor. Except for occasional eye irritation and the normal childhood “pink” eye, I have never had any serious issues with my eyes. However, I have some rather frightening genetics on my mother’s side of the family that made me think I should at least go in for a basic exam.

I was waiting patiently in the examination room when the doctor finally arrived. He shook my hand, introduced himself and then asked, “How’s your vision?” With complete confidence, and maybe a hint of sarcasm, I quickly responded, “My vision is great!” The doctor gave me a rather doubtful gaze and said, “Uh-huh, let’s read some charts.”

Over the next twenty minutes, that doctor made me read chart after chart. Thankfully he always allowed me to start at the top with the BIG letters. And I was able to read the top line perfectly! See, my vision is great! But I didn’t have to go down more than a line or two before I began struggle. The letters quickly became fuzzy and blurred. The truth is, my vision was not very good. I could easily see the BIG things that were right in front of my eyes. But I struggled to see anything else. And there was a lot I was missing.

It is easy to see the BIG things. Sometimes we can be so focused on the BIG things in front of us that we forget about all the little things that matter the most. I’m sure by now you have heard about the “Vision” for FBC Graham. It is a very exciting time, and there are a lot of BIG things right in front of us to consider. Heating and air conditioning, floor repairs, doors, playgrounds, cleaning and painting. And what about the money? Fund raisers, capital campaigns, donations. There are a lot of BIG things!

But my eye doctor taught me that seeing the BIG things does not necessarily mean our vision is good.   As we tackle the BIG things, let’s not lose sight of all the little things that matter the most. This vision has very little to do with revitalization or building repairs or money. These things are just the tools we use to fulfill the vision. This vision isn’t about buildings, it is about the Resurrected Jesus. It’s about our youth and children’s groups having a clean, safe place to grow and learn about Jesus. It’s about the youth and children in our community, many of whom struggle with the basic daily needs that we take for granted. This vision is about being the church for those who need the church the most.

The BIG things must be done. But that child who comes to this safe, comfortable, exciting place to learn and grow is not going to care about wall colors, room square footages or doors. All they are going to remember is, there is a church. And I found Jesus there.